Welcome to the GKL Group website and thank you for taking time to visit us. GKL has evolved over the last 23 years but today our business focuses on three distinct, core areas; building, civil engineering, and development.

The UK continue to miss their targets for new housing each year and everything we do at GKL is geared to helping towards closing this gap in a small way. From enabling works on brownfield sites to a new highway junction for a residential development or a new play area and open space to support a new estate, everything is geared towards one key, common and consistent goal – new housing and new development.

GKL Group are not the biggest company in the region and nor do we want to be, but we strive to be the absolute best at everything we do. Some may call this a lack of ambition, but we certainly do not see it that way. We pride ourselves on bringing a personal touch to all that we do, and we believe that this is a core value that we do not want to lose or compromise on.

We deliver projects of all sizes across the building and civil engineering sectors to an array of clients and customers. We believe that it is not the size of the project that is important but the client for which we are working. We believe whole heartedly in collaborative, partnership working and operate to the true meaning of this which is why we secure a significant percentage of our business through either referral or repeat business. Indeed, we have worked with some clients for over 20 years. Our principal areas of focus are Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, and Rutland and in particular the cities of Peterborough and Cambridge.


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