It may sound like a cliché but that really is the purpose of our developments.  We take a very hands on approach to the architectural design and interior finish of all of our projects and believe that this is evident in what we produce.  We aim to provide aspirational homes whatever end of the market – from 1 bed apartments to 6 bed family homes.

The way in which we benchmark our schemes is a very simple one – would we be happy for our families or children to live in the property?  If the answer is no then we know that it is not good enough.

All of our developments are bespoke and we are not a mass volume driven housebuilder.  We are often at the forefront when it comes to developments and we like to think of ourselves as champions of innovation as opposed to followers of others.  We embrace new methods and new technologies and are always looking out for ways to improve what we do, which ultimately will improve the product we deliver.  Our attention to detail and eye for design result in exceptional properties that make superb homes and reliable investments.

We were the first developer to undertake an office to residential conversion in Peterborough, a trend which has now seen around 500,000 square feet of office space redeveloped and like to think that we have played an important part in the regeneration of the city.

With our strengths and qualities in building and civil engineering, development of both residential and commercial developments was a logical progression for GKL. 

GKL Developments have developed and completed over 250 residential units to date with the majority being in and around the city centre of Peterborough.

We have also undertaken a number of commercial developments within Peterborough from small 2,000 sqft units to 20,000 sqft bespoke trade counters.




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