Posted: 25 May 2017

Works Continue at Aqua Drive, Hampton Waters, Peterborough 

Engineering and construction work continues to boom for GKL Group as works continue at pace on the new Aqua Drive highway infrastructure at Hampton Waters in Peterborough. Last week saw the first section of road being surfaced which will deliver 450 metres of new single lane carriageway. Works have also commented on the new traffic signal controlled junction on the A15 London Road which will provide access to the new Hampton residential district of Hampton Waters.

GKL Group have made use of innovative design which sees the virtual elimination of conventional storm water drainage through trapped road gullies and utilizes a series of swales which will drain to a level controlled attenuation lake. This will see the delivery of the next generation of sustainable urban drainage design road infrastructure that will hopefully become commonplace in UK road construction moving forward. 

The road formation and sub base were placed using the very latest fully automated GPS controlled bulldozer resulting in greater productivity and a more efficient way of construction which has both commercial and environmental benefits through less working hours and hence less emissions.  This is just another example of GKL’s desire to embrace innovation and work in diverse ways to that of others.

Works to the existing junction are estimated to take approximately 16 weeks. GKL Group are attempting to make every effort to improve on this timescale and minimise the disruption to road users and Hampton residents alike. GKL Group take immense pride in enhancing local areas and are confident that the long-term benefits to the area will far outweigh the few months of road works.





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