Posted: 27 February 2019

A recent news article suggested that to meet Britain’s ‘legally binding emissions target’ would require gas boilers and cookers to be banned in new homes within six years. At GKL we try, wherever feasible, to keep our new developments as energy efficient as possible. Many of our recent projects have seen properties fitted with dual flush WC’s, key to limiting every-day water wastage, electric or induction hobs and Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP), which work by extracting and absorbing heat from the outside air and utilising it within the home. This process functions by absorbing warmth into a fluid which is then passed through a compressor where its temperature is increased. This higher temperature heat is then transferred to the heating and hot water circuits of the residence. These pumps greatly reduce the emissions of a property compared to their gas counter-parts.

One of our current undertakings is a collection of 33 apartments on the site of the former Bricklayers’ Arms in Whittlesey. In a bid to make this build as energy efficient as possible, the main structure will be timber framed. On average, building a house from timber in lieu of concrete can reduce carbon emissions by up to ten tonnes. Timber frame constructions typically achieve better thermal performance than masonry structures.

In the apartments we will also be installing Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery units (MVHR) which provide a constant supply of fresh filtered air into the residence, maintaining the quality of the air, whilst preserving the temperature of the building. MVHR systems require a higher degree of air tightness that is usually specified by building regulations in order to make the method justifiable. Having an air tight envelope means it is better insulated and all windows and doors are properly sealed, in turn reducing the need for comprehensive heating networks whilst simultaneously  limiting heat loss.

At GKL we have a passion for reducing emissions and increasing energy efficiency which we follow through in all our processes to provide our clients with better value for money whilst helping to create a better environment for us all to reside in.


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