Posted: 24 April 2016

As part of our building works for the construction of new changing rooms and facilities at the local Peterborough Lions Rugby Club, GKL Group are utilising a relatively new and innovative product as an alternative to the traditionally used concrete blocks.

The use of Porotherm clay blocks makes it possible to build the shell of the building much quicker and without the need for a skilled bricklaying gang and also has health and safety benefits due to the reduced weight of the blocks and hence less issues with manual handling.

GKL Group are committed to using the latest products in the construction works they undertake, ensuring value for their clients and long term suitability and sustainability for the building works they undertake.  The construction industry as a whole can often be slow to embrace new methods and technology but GKL have always prided themselves on pushing boundaries and taking on board new ideas and innovative products.

Steve Milne Group Procurement Manager at GKL Group explains “As head of the procurement team, it is my role to ensure we are staying ahead of changes within the construction industry and deliver value and a great end product, we spend no less that 10% of our working month reviewing new products and innovative building materials”.

Local building merchant RIDGEONS who have supplied the product state;‘Porotherm is an efficient alternative to other building materials such as timber, concrete or light steel frames and is suitable for a variety of construction applications such as Inner leaves and rendered outer leaves of cavity walls, Monolithic (single leaf) external walls, Infill panels within framed structures and Load bearing and non load bearing partition walls.

Overall, the selection of a wall material will only have a minor influence on the overall building cost; however it is integral to the quality of your finished project. With Porotherm blocks, you are choosing a construction system that is not only economical in every respect - but also offers maximum quality and value retention.’

The project at the Peterborough Lions is the first phase of new development at their Bretton base which aims to bring their facilities up to the same level as their success on the pitch.  As one of the Lions shirt and club sponsors GKL Group are proud to be involved in this new project.  Some of the funding for the build has come from local firm Mick George and Augean Community Funds (The Augean Community Fund uses monies provided by Augean PLC under the Landfill Communities Fund).






Unit 2, Varity Park
Vicarage Farm Road