Posted: 15 July 2013

Major investment as plans to rebuild our roads and railways were unveiled last month, James Brackenbury from GKL looks at the details.

News of a £100bn package aimed at kick-starting economic growth in the construction sector has been unveiled.Roads, railways, construction and energy all set for a major boost is something that of course strikes interest with GKL Group as the business is active in all of these areas and benefits directly and indirectly from this type of initiative.

The Government has promised investment into infrastructure spending by 2020 and it will be interesting to see if this actually happens or if it is just political posturing in readiness for the next election.

Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander, outlined the plans which include cash for new roads, train services, science facilities and nuclear power stations. Investment is to begin in 2015 with £50bn spent on capital projects that year. We are looking forward to further details on when construction will actually start.

GKL Group hope that the government will look towards medium sized engineering and construction firms like ours to help ensure costs do not spiral as they have done with HS2 high-speed rail line (now set to cost nearly £10bn more than was originally allocated).

James Brackenbury from GKL Group went onto explain “You do not need to be an engineer to identify the issue with UK infrastructure after 35 years of underinvestment and we of course, welcome this initiative. We do however, hope the money will be spent wisely and efficiently. The procurement process by the public sector has been inefficient in the past to say the least. We hope a private sector approach to the spend can be taken on such large scale projects.  We would also like to see local companies being given a real opportunity to deliver local projects as opposed to being distributed to the large nationals”.





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